The Athlete


Winner of the Columbus Grand trail in Azores with 77 quilometers and 3400 m+ run in 7 hours and 29 minutes

Wins the Celestrail by making the 83 quilometers with 5000 m+ in 10 hours and 55 minutes!

In Toubkal it makes 2nd place by completing the tough 105 quilometers with 6500 m+ in the high Atlas mountains in 15 hours and 5 minutes.

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  • 2016

    9th Place at Ultra Trail World Tour

    13º at TransGranCanaria 123K

    11º at MIUT 115K

    14º at UTMB 168K

    36º at Trail World Championship 80K (Selecção Nacional)

  • 2015

    1º at – Azores Trail Run 50K

    1º at – Azores Triangle 102K

    18º at – UTMB 168K

    7º at – MIUT 115K

    19º at TransGranCanaria 123K

  • 2014

    3st Madeira Island Ultra trail 115km

    1st Gerês Trail Adventure 105km

    1st Azores trail Run 48km

    2st Ronda dels Cims 170km

    19st Tour de Geants 330km

  • 2013

    1st Ultra Trail Aldeias Xisto 75km

    6st Ronda Del Cims 184km

    3st Ultra Trilho do Paleozóico 43km

    2st I Trail Porto Moniz 36km

    2st Madeira Island Ultra Trail 115km

    3st Trail Serra D`Arga 45km

  • 2012

    1st  II Trilho dos Abutres 45km

    2st Transgrancanaria 123km

    1st Madeira Island Ultra Trail 102km

    11st Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc 102km

    7st Cavalls Del Vent 84.2km

    1st UTAX 82km

  • 2011

    5stTransgrancanaria 123km

    1st 101 Peregrinos 101km

    37st Zegama-Aizkorri Maratoia 42km

    7st Maraton Alpino Madrileno 42km

    1st Corrida da Freita 17km

    8st Cavalls Del Vent 84.2km

    1st Grande Trail Serra D´Arga 42km

  • 2010

    3st Ultra Trail serra da Freita 70km

    5st Circuito Alpino Espanhol de maratonas –  Penedos do Lobo 42km

    40st Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc 100km

    4st Ultra Trail Amigos da Montanha 50km

  • 2009

    1st  Ultra trail da Madeira 105km

    3st Transestrela 42km

    2st Ultra trail da Geira Romana 45km

    2st Axtrail 2009

The Entrepeneur

Organizer of Estrela Grande Trail®, a mountain race event that takes palce in Serra da Estrela with various races. For more information follow the link Estrela Grande Trail

Host of the famous Trail Camps where you can experience all the trail spirit and mountain trails safely with the expertise of some famous trail runners and other workshops available during the different Trail Camps. For mor information follow Armando Teixeira - Outdoor Events

Student of Sports Coaching at Polytechnic Institute of Maia

Partner with the training platform BeAPT