Prozis XTrail Team / Berg Outdoor

Run again, and start all over

The challange ahead is to find Nature's own movement, feel the path, fell that everything in you is in line with it, then you just enjoy the unique feeling of being there
Armando Teixeira

It was with this idea in mind that I took the challange of challanging myself again this year. Grab new opportunities and be part of something that I believe, to be able to grow and learn new things, like the willingness to explore new trails you also have to be willing to explore new adventures. This is what makes you keep going and makes you overcome you limits. Look foward to the trails ahead wich are yet to be run.

Student of Sports Coaching at Polytechnic Institute of Maia

I decided to take this route by beliving I could learn about training and by joining my expertise in Ultra Marathon it was possible to achieve some really interesting insights at this sport. Very few studies and cientific information are available and I want to be part of that growing.

Partner at Coaching Platform BeAPT

By making part of this platform with my coach Paulo Pires, I believe that I can also give an insight based on my experience. Having on my wing some trainees is very fulfilling to me as a orienteer. I help them achive their goals by explaining the training plans and beeing with them during all the process of the platform.

Estrela Grande Trail

A race that takes place at the Parque Natural Serra da Estrela, here you will find the thoughest and most dazling trails. Here you can find an ancient mountain in it's purest state. Trails full of story that at each step are re-written with the runners dedication.

Trail Camps

Trail Camps have at there genesis the sharing of expirience, the friendship, the mountains and all that they represent. Here you will definitly find people with whom you will share the best trails Serra da Estrela has to offer. It will be an amazing adventure